4D Ultrasound

Hear your baby's heartbeat, learn the gender, and see the beautiful details of your baby's face!" NEW 4D Ultrasound Donation Packages.

The ultrasound packages are a fundraiser to help WPC continue to provide free services to families. 4D ultrasound appointments can be made for a minimum donation of $125.
To schedule a 4D ultrasound appointment call Jessica at 919-583-9330.

Faces & More Donation Package (25-34 Weeks) $165

  • 30 minute session
  • See and hear heartbeat
  • Black and white images of heartbeat
  • Five 2D images, Ten 4D images
  • Watch baby in 4D
  • Thumbdrive with images and video clips
  • Stuffed animal with recorded heartbeat

Gender Package (15-24 Weeks) $125

  • Heartbeat Images
  • 2D Gender reveal images
  • 5 additional 2D images
  • Sneak peeks of baby in Live HD
  • 30 minute viewing session
  • Thumbdrive of all images and video clips


  • Stuffed animal with heartbeat $35
  • Heartbeat frame $25
  • Ultrasound frame $15
  • Photo album $15

Gift cards also available.

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